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Best Fathers Days Gifts: Wine on the Vine
This is an even a better gift when you realize Israel is producing some top-flight wines – I’ve had some wines I’ve loved from Tabor and Psagot, which are in the program along with Yatir, Carmel, Tulip, and Gush Etzion. You choose the winery you want your vines planted at and, if you go big on the planting, you get wine included. Five vines will get you ‘a small bottle’ of wine and rewards go up to 10 large bottles of wine from the winery for 100 vines. You’ll have to wait about four years (the vines and grapes have to grow, you know) but then you’ll be able to taste some of the very grapes you planted.

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Zionism Meets Feminism: Talking Shop over a Crisp Glass of Chardonnay
“….The “Wonder Women + Wine” event was held by “Wine on the Vine,” a flagship project of The Israel Innovation Fund(TIIF), a nonprofit with a vision to “reignite the Zionist spirit and meet the needs of Jewish civilization in the 21st century by connecting people around the world through the vibrancy and creativity of contemporary Israeli culture….to highlight women’s role in the wine industry, the evening featured a panel of four female Zionist leaders who are making social change in Israel, connecting their ability to do so with the land. As they spoke about their work, guests sipped wines from MAIA and Tulip wineries.

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The New Zionist Plants Vines, Not Trees
“…Injecting new blood into Zionism was the impetus for The Israel Innovation Fund (TIIF), a nonprofit Bellos founded last year to highlight Israeli culture. He points to both demographics and the Jewish state’s evolving image when he asserts that North America has lost its crown to Israel as the center of the Jewish world.

“Israel is cool and sexy and holy and fun. It’s the creative state,” he says. “It’s not your bubbe’s Zionism. It’s about ‘Fauda,’ it’s about Gal Gadot. We are ‘Wonder Woman’ Zionism.””

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“…What should Israel’s role be in the coming century – not just for Jews, but for the world? A century that began with terrorism and the tech bubble, and will likely see economic upheaval resulting from automation and artificial intelligence, and societal upheaval from the shattering of national and communal identities – this is the world that a Jewish state must find its place in if it is to survive.

The new Zionism will focus less on statecraft and more on expansive creativity. Put another way: Zionism’s last century was about creating the conditions for Jewish survival in a sovereign state; its next century will be about thriving, building outward, and sharing with the world….”

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-““The image of Israel is (that of) an intolerant, religious and violent country which is ridden with conflict. We need to change this conversation,” said Michael Oren, deputy minister at the Prime Minister’s Office at the launch of TIIF’s signature project, Wine on the Vine, last Thursday in Tel Aviv.”

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-“TIIF executes its vision by highlighting cultural initiatives – film, art and wine – and showing how they can enhance the Zionist enterprise.”

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-” It is the job of a new generation of Zionists who are driven to counter misinformed international media and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement that uses an anti-Israel agenda to pressure ordinary people as well as celebrities from associating with or supporting Israel.”

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-“Fostering the future of Israeli society by reinventing the way non-profits work”