Friends and Supporters,

There have been so many things happening over the last few months that it is easy to miss some of the things we are doing at TIIF, so we wanted to take a few moments and give you a rundown of what’s been happening.

  • After amazing events in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, we were honoured to have over 150 people come out to a fundraising event that was generously hosted for TIIF on the Upper West Side of New York, each person purchasing their very own vine. It was a packed house and an amazing time as wine from our partner wineries was poured. Those in attendance got to try some great new wines as well as taste old favourites.
  • We have also recently added some amazing partner charities to our Wine on the Vine patronage list.  Our patronage list is the group of Israeli charities that you can donate to when you buy your vine.  We are very happy to be working with the Michael Levin Lone Soldiers Center, Save a Child’s Heart, Esek Mishelach, and the Darca Schools network. We are so proud to be helping these amazing organizations do the great work they are doing. For more information about these charities, or our other partner charities, head to our site and check out our patronage page.
  • We had an amazing time and with some new friends, who have just joined the Wine on the Vine family. We are very happy to welcome Jezreel Winery to our family. Stay tuned for a video tasting we did last week at Jezreel.
  • We have also gotten some great exposure with our CEO Adam Scott Bellos appearing on I24 News letting everyone know what TIIF is doing.TIIF was also featured in The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, and Hadassah Online Magazine.

What’s New At TIIF

we are overjoyed to welcome Deb Houben to the team. Deb comes to us with a wealth of wine experience among her many, many talents. She is working with our Wine on the Vine wineries and helping us teach the world about Israeli wine. Also, our own Tatiana Hasson has been promoted to be the Director of Wine on the Vine. We look forward to her already large impact on the program expanding as she brings her love and passion to her new position. Mazel Tov Tati and B’hatzlecha to all!

With so much coming on, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the different things that are happening. Make sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram for all of the most up to date information about TIIF.

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