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Israel has one of the oldest traditions of viticulture in the world.  For 3,500 years, wine and winemaking have played a central role in Jewish civilization. The modern Israeli wine industry is now adding an astonishing new chapter to that history. Wine on the Vine aims to connect people from all over the world to Israel and its wine making traditions in a physical way. Through our partnership with wineries around Israel, donors to Wine on the Vine will be able to purchase grapevines to be planted in one’s honor in an Israeli Vineyard. By claiming your own grapevine in Israel, you will stand with Israel at the forefront of technology and innovation in the fields of winemaking and agriculture. Up to 75% of the money used to purchase vines is distributed amongst an array of TIIF partner charities which help sectors of Israeli society in innovative ways.

Israeli Wine: A New Chapter

Wine on the Vine aims to connect people to Israel in a physical way. Donors will be able to purchase grapevines to be planted in one’s honor in an Israeli Vineyard and will help keep Israel on the cutting edge of technology in winemaking.

Tractor in Winery with Vines

Your Tile in the Mosaic

Your Share In Blessing Israel

You now have the chance to have your very own grapevine in the Land of Israel. God promised Abraham: “I will bless those who bless you.” (Gen.) When you purchase a vine, up to 75% of every donation goes to a charitable organization in Israel. You can choose where your donation will go to from our list of charities which touch the most critical needs in Israeli society.

Your Lasting Piece of Israel
Four years after your vines are planted, you will be able to visit the winery and enjoy a bottle of your wine from your vine in the Holy Land with your friends and family.

Picking Grapes Grapevines

Contribution to Israeli Society


In addition to having owning a piece of the land and contributing to Israeli’s growing industry, you will have the opportunity to direct a portion of your donation to a charitable organization of your choice. We have collaborated with charities that foster innovation, prosperity and development for all sector of Israeli society. Included in our patronage are organizations that help disenfranchised and under-served communities, international development efforts, domestic issues and many more…

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