What If? Studios

TIIF’s video production team operates under the “What If? Studios” label, which works to maximize the impact both Israeli culture and TIIF’s work on its behalf by effectively telling those stories on your screens. To see our full collection of published videos, click here.

We have now released several different types of videos, with more on the way:

Wine on the Vine videos. As part of TIIF’s mission to connect people with modern Israeli culture, we created a series of 2-3 minute wine videos, discussing Israeli wines, wineries, and wine culture. These videos are geared toward a millennial audience with a face pace, interesting content, and lots of humor.

Street Art videos. We have produced 6-part video series looking at the street art in Florentin, Tel Aviv. Serving as a narrated street art tour brings the best of the amazing Florentin street art scene to audiences around the world. We are also in the planning stages of a full-length project focusing on Solomon Souza, our first artist-in-residence.

Promotional videos for partner organizations. We have made promotional videos for our amutot and wineries. If you’re interested in having TIIF make a video for you, please contact us at info@tiif.org.

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