Electronic Purchasing Agreement

Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions document, herby between The Israel Innovation Fund, including all Projects
and Programs established by The Israel Innovation Fund (the “Fund”), and the customer (“Donor”),
establishes and executes the purchasing agreement for all donations submitted to the Fund.

a. “Campaigns”- A direct agreement between the Fund (or a subsidiary Project/Program)
and a third party in order to generate donations for the benefit of the Fund and the
third party itself.
b. “Checkbox”- the confirmation point of this Terms and Conditions agreement, located
on the Donation Page of the Fund Website
c. “Customer/Donor”- Any person or entity that voluntarily provides funding to The Israel
Innovation Fund, including via but not limited to Donations, Projects, Programs, tickets
to events, or other programming the Fund establishes.

d. “Donations” – Money provided to the Fund in order to promote the Mission of the non-
profit entity via cash, check, debit or credit card.

e. “Donation Page”- Any page on the Website specifically used for Donors to establish and
submit their Donation.
f. “Projects” – All revenue generating projects created by The Israel Innovation Fund, in
order to promote and fulfill the Mission of the non-profit Fund.
g. “Programs”- All non-revenue based programs created by The Israel Innovation Fund, in
order to promote and fulfill the Mission of the non-profit Fund.
h. “Purchasing Technology” – any systems used in order to facilitate the processing of
Donations given to the Fund
i. “Website”- any webpage designed and maintained by the Fund, including any pages
established for Campaigns, Projects or Programs.

a.) The Donor, by virtue of reading and marking the Checkbox on the Donation Page, hereby
agrees to the Terms & Conditions set forth in this agreement. The Donor, agrees to
provide in full, in one payment, all funds promised on the Donation Page. Funds must be
provided within 30 days, and must be of legal standing. The Fund does not accept
responsibility or liability for any Donations made with illegally obtained funds, including
but not limited to, stolen money, identities, fraudulent electronic accounts or wire
transfers, fraudulent credit or debit cards, or other related illegal monetary activity. The
Fund does not accept return checks, and will not cover any related fees to returned
b.) The Donor accepts the responsibility of properly identifying their Donation total as part
of their personal tax liabilities, and the Fund will not accept any responsibility to verify
the use of the Donation by the Donor and non-profit involvement other than as required
by law.

c.) The Donor agrees to refrain all contact from any associated charities, wineries, or other
companies partnered with TIIF for all Projects or Programs that are part of the Fund
regarding their Donation. Any questions or concerns regarding the Donation provided to
the Fund should be directed to the Fund via the Contact Us link.
d.) The Donor agrees to receive periodic mailings from TIIF and all associated Projects of the
Fund. If the Donor no longer wishes to receive periodic mailings, the Donor must notify
TIIF through the Contact Us link on the TIIF website.
e.) By reading this Electronic Purchasing Agreement- Terms and Conditions, in its entirety,
the Donor hereby accepts the terms and promises the designated Donation as notated
on the Donation Page. By checking the Checkbox, the Donor agrees to all terms set forth.
The Fund retains the right to update and change the terms of this Electronic Purchasing
Agreement at its own will. The Donor assumes the terms of any future updates, changes,
or amendments to this Agreement by checking the Checkbox.